You don’t take a photograph, you make it.

Ansel Adams’ quote has been the guiding force in my journey as a Photo Artist. I believe a good photographer knows how to find something interesting in an ordinary scene. He must have the ability to create a photograph that’s not only a visual treat but also makes one feel and experience it. I have reinforced these thoughts into my work, and my portfolio speaks for me today!

The art of photography caught my fancy at a very young age. The very first lens I used to capture was a little lens called ‘The Eyes’, it gave me ample scope to unravel the magic of photography, and turn pictures into something I could treasure forever.

I am trained under the famous fashion photographer Late Shri Dayaram Chawda. Under his tutelage, I learnt new ways of portraying scenes and playing with the light and camera. I also understood the importance of perspective, composition and colour coordination.

My learning was thorough; I explored the medium, challenged opportunities, and mastered advanced technology and techniques.

In the 20 years of my career, I have worked on numerous assignments, specialising in various forms of commercial photography like Portraiture, Table Tops, Fashion, Interiors, Advertising, Creative and Conceptual photography.

Photography is more than a medium of visual communication, it is a creative art. For me, it is a lifelong passion; I aim to create something extraordinary each time I hit the shutter.

(c) Madan Aroskar Photography | 2014

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